MIG Welders

Before performing any welding duties, it is imperative to know the ropes and make a good choice in terms of the welding tools. Every welding tool out there has its specific welding purposes. However, today, we will be paying close attention to MIG welding tool.

The MIG welder, which is also referred to as a gas metal arc welder (GMAW) uses an electrical arc to produce its welding heat. This welder was first made to weld tin, zinc, copper, aluminum and brass and for this, the MIG welder has become the most used welder to date.

In fact, almost every automobile company out there is using MIG welders to perform most of its welding processes. Read on to understand why the MIG welders are known as the best welders in the market today;


  • They are easy to use – since most of its welding process is automated, these welding equipment are the easiest to learn and highly adaptable. Even people with zero welding experience can use the equipment with ease and comfort.
  • The best MIG welders have high welding speeds – compared to the other two welding equipment (the stick welder and the TIG welder), the MIG welding produces high quality welds in a shorter period of time.
  • They are less risky to operate.
  • No flux is needed.
  • The best MIG welder is versatile in that it can be used to weld different meals and metal alloys.

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