We all weld for different reasons; some of us weld to keep things around the house in a good condition while some people see welding as just a hobby. However, welding is now becoming a fun thing to do, thanks to the availability of modern welding equipment.

However, shopping for the right welders is not a cup of tea for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Online shopping requires some effort. Luckily, here is what you need to know about the three commonly used welding tools before you shop for one;

  • The stick welder is used to weld steel, iron and stainless steel. Other people use this welder to weld aluminum, nickel and copper alloys.  Fundamentally, this is what makes the stick welder the best welder for construction industries and metal fabrication projects.
  • The second type of welding tool is the TIG welder. This tool is used for welding aluminum, stainless steel and other lighter metals or metal alloys. The best thing about the TIG welder is the fact that it makes the best welders for finely finished welds. However, of the three, it is the most complicated to use, yet most reliable and strong. Anyone who is interested in this welding tool should be ready to learn and practice enough before he/she can produce good welding results with the tool.
  • Lastly, the MIG welder; which is the most used welder in today’s automobile field. It is the easiest to learn and the best tool for anyone looking to weld for fun. Point is, MIG welding is the one tool that will teach you the basics of welding without frustration as it is relatively adaptable. You can use the MIG welder to weld copper, zinc, tan, brass, steel and aluminum.

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